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Gray Matter Professionals comprise a variety of verticals including:

C-Suite Executives

Finance & Accounting

Information Technology

Manufacturing & Management

Human Resources

Healthcare & Medical

Engineering & Operations

Sales & Marketing

Family Owned Business

Growth &

Board of Directors

Mentors & Consultants

Our Members are Disciplined Professionals Ready to Make an Impact.


The days of posting your job online and getting inundated with the wrong candidates are coming to an end. We have a better process.

Our clients save a lot of time by working exclusively with Gray Matter Connection. When you begin with an abundance of Exceptional Talent, finding the right person is a much more efficient process.


Don't let somebody else grab up your ideal hire.


Key Benefits of Gray Matter Professionals:

  • EXPERIENCE - When you enjoy a fabulous dinner, you don’t say it was over-delicious. Or a seat in first class as over-comfortable. Or tickets on the 50 yard line as an overly-good view. A person with twenty-five years of experience isn’t over-qualified. They are simply amazing! If you prefer First Class, you'll also prefer Gray Matter Professionals.
  • WISDOM - Thought leaders hone their perspective through decades of hard work, accomplishments, failures, and lessons learned. Having such a person on your team is invaluable.
  • INFLUENCE - Hiring accomplished professionals enables your company to tap into a rich database of trusted community and industry relationships; thereby expanding your business’ reputation and contributing to the bottom line.
  • WORK ETHIC - Mature workers bring a diversity of ethos, culture and backgrounds to work that provide a critically reflective view in today’s multinational & multigenerational workforce. Character, passion, and motivation cannot be underestimated at this stage in life.
  • CONTRIBUTION - The best change-agents have been there and done that! Experienced workers can expedite the process, avoid costly mistakes, and leverage their problem-solving skills to bring substantive value to any strategic business venture.